• High-performance spiral mixers with removable bowl
  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral arm, breaker bar
  • Bowl and spiral arm run from two separate motors
  • Two automatic (timer) Kneading time can be set and adjusted separately for two speeds.
  • Low noise emission with 16 channel pulley belt power transmission, Vibration-free operation
  • Bowl lid can be manufactured of metal or ABS
  • Automatic or manual operation is available
  • Safety switch installed on bowl lid
  • Bowl can rotate to both directions
  • Independently adjustable low speed and high-speed timers
  • Water connection is standard
  • One bowl is included
  • Rubber bowl pulley rotating system
  • Heavy-duty lateral reinforced bowl
  • Saves energy and time by shortening the kneading time fairly.
  • It can be combined with one of three hydraulic lifters with different heights
  • With the movable bowls, it has a higher capacity of dough kneading and makes fermentation by waiting for dough after kneading in mobile bowls.
  • Can be used to knead every kind of bread and other floury product dough and provides a homogeneous mixture of dough.
  • 24 V control panel
  • Standards of CE


Model:ISP 250M
Flour Capacity :150 kg.
Dough Capacity :250 kg.
Width – mm.:1091 mm.
Length – mm.:2085 mm.
Width – mm.:1387 mm.
Bowl Diameter – mm.:1028 mm.
Mixing Capacity (Dough):875 kg/h.
Electric Power (Total):17 kW.
Type of Electricity:380 V 50 Hz N+PE.
Mixer Weight :1820 Kg.

WARRANTY: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.