PRODUCT CODE: Bakery 20

  • A mobile bakery is used for bread baking in field conditions.
  • Baking with the mobile bakery includes the different steps involved in the process: kneading, dividing, rounding, manual forming, fermentation (rising), baking and natural cooling.
  • The system is fully autonomous for power with its diesel generator.


  • The system is fully autonomous for power with its diesel generator.
  • The complete unit is filed in a 20 ft container.
  • The unit is compact and can be displayed in a very short time.
  • It is transportable on Lorries, Train, Ship, Aircraft a d can be airlifted by helicopter.


1 x 10 Tray Capacity (400 x 600 mm)
1 x Fermentation Compartment
1 x Dough Kneader (80 kg Spiral Mixer)
1 x Volumetric Divider ( 150 – 770 gr.)
1 x Air Condition
1 x Diesel-powered generator.
2 x Water tank (Clean / Waste Water).


Baking Capacity 1 hour : 30 kg of bread / 150 Bread of 0.200 kg.
Baking Capacity 8 hour : 240 kg of bread / 1200 Bread of 0.200 kg.
Length : 6100 mm.
Width : 2590 mm.
Height : 2440 mm.

  • All the interior walls and the ceiling and floor are clad in stainless steel to ensure compliance with the strictest hygiene requirements under field conditions.
  • The bakery is fully electric-powered and it is entirely autonomous with its own diesel-powered generator.
  • All these features are changeable depending on the demand.

WARRANTY: Two years warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.