PRODUCT CODE: Tunnel Series

Different capacity options available.


  • Designed to produce bread with automation at low clearance
  • Can be easily programmed with PLC touch screen
  • All parameters like heat, time and the steam amount can be programmed for different products
  • All electric components, motors, and cables are from the worldwide known leading manufacturers
  • No need for qualified labor
  • Fuel efficiency up to %40
  • Can be fuelled with diesel, LPG, natural gas
  • According to capacity some of the ovens can be  paused
  • Control panel has various language options
  • Compared to their production capacity they occupy small spaces
  • Saves from labor cost
  • Supports hygienic production
  • Software support can be given with remote access as long as there’s internet connection
  • It can also be integrated with automatic fermentation units.

* The capacity subject to change depending on the projects.

Tunnel Ovens

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